What to Do If Your Tenants Leave Their Junk Behind

Quite often, tenants tend to leave their junk behind when moving out, shifting the onus on the landlords to deal with the junk removal process.

Further prompted by local authorities who may serve a warning notice to remove the junk from the property asap or otherwise risk a fine, landlords seek for a convenient, effective and cheap solution.

What should you do if your tenants leave their junk behind?

First and foremost…

You must act quickly!

There are strict by-laws in some states which prohibit property owners from dumping waste and junk on their property.

If you don’t act as per your state laws, you can be fined.

Also, seeing all that junk lying in your backyard, your neighbors may take it as an invitation and throw their junk in there as well.

This can make your property turn into a junk wasteland.

You don’t want that to happen, right?

Junk removal options

Basically, you’ve two options to take care of the junk on your rental property:

  • You can either remove the junk by yourself and discard it by renting a dumpster; or
  • You can hire a junk hauling service company and let them handle the junk removal process for you.

Most landlords prefer the second option because it offers easy, convenient and fast junk removal. Yes, you may have to pay slightly more than if you decide to rent a dumpster, but it’s a small price in exchange for the convenience you get in return by hiring a junk removal service.

However, when hiring a junk removal company, make sure the company is insured.

Property junk removal is a physically demanding job and carries safety risks. The contractor may get injured while removing the junk or may injure someone else on your property. You could be held liable for any such accident. By hiring an insured junk removal company, you can save yourself from inconvenience.

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