Top 10 Unwanted Home Items

Most of us are guilty of hoarding away items that are of little or no use to us. They’re there either because we feel too lazy to get rid of them or don’t know how. Just because it doesn’t have an expiration date does not mean the mattress can remain in the garage forever.

In no particular order, here are the top 10 unwanted items that shouldn’t be in your home any longer.


Over the years, mattresses can develop lumps, bumps, and bends making sleeping on them a pain in the back—literally. Since they’re huge and it doesn’t make sense to toss it out on the curb, most people store it in their garage only to be infested by bugs and insects.


Being bulky and heavy, again, it’s not exactly something you can throw out onto the sidewalk. It’s also difficult for the garbage collection service trucks to just pick up. A good junk removal service can help you solve such a problem.

Old Carpets

Whenever moving to a new apartment or home, you may want to replace your carpets. A reason can be an accumulation of dust which ruins the look of the carpet or the smell of pet animals.


How often do we buy clothes, only to wear them a couple of times before never pulling them out of the closet again? Apart from collecting dust, these clothes can end up taking a lot of closet or wardrobe space. If you haven’t worn them in the past year, time to give it away!

Electronic Hardware

With the rate of advancements in modern technology, hardware such as computers, monitors, old cell phones, fax machines, printers etc. are quick to be outdated and are left lying around. The problem with such equipment is that many cities do not allow it to be disposed of in landfills as they contain harmful substances which leak out and contaminate the soil and water harming the nearby wildlife and communities.

Cardboard Boxes

There probably isn’t a single house that doesn’t have these boxes stored with more useless stuff. Take out time to manage this junk and dispose of stuff you don’t need.


Even houses that don’t have avid readers can have a couple of books lying around. It’s better to take them off a shelf and donate them to a school or an orphanage.

Yard Waste

Summer and spring forces even the laziest of us to get out for some yard cleaning—cutting branches and trimming bushes. During this season, there’s hardly any house that doesn’t have yard trash at the end of the driveway.

Renovation Debris

After moving into a new place, many people delay the process of getting rid of the debris left by previous inhabitants. Not only does it give an unsightly look to your home, but can also get infected with dangerous substances if left lying around for too long.

Bathroom Fixtures

It’s common for households to get a bathroom remodeling after a couple of years. The old fixtures can be tough to get rid of and require professional removal services as lifting heavy sinks and bathtubs can expose one to injury and harm.

Some of the things on the list you can get rid of fairly easily. Others require careful attention while disposing. Contact our junk pickup services in Orange County to help you get rid of all of your unwanted items in the most convenient and safest way!

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