Tips for Reorganizing your Self Storage Unit

Are you bombarded with tons of unnecessary equipment every time you access your self-storage unit?

We’re all guilty of chucking all our junk material into our storage units. Broken furniture? Put it in the storage unit! Malfunctioned PC? Storage unit!

This leads to a flooded storage unit with no navigation space and retrieving your stuff becomes a nightmare!

Here are some tips to manage your storage unit space efficiently:

1. Make Use of the Furniture

Make efficient use of space. Instead of stuffing everything inside your storage unit, put small items inside the stored furniture. Make use of the space inside cupboard and drawers. You can also store your miscellany in cartons and containers. Add labels to each container to save your time while you’re searching for stuff.

2. Leave Space for Hurdle-free navigation

Retrieving items from the storage unit can be a lot easier if you don’t end stumbling upon the boxes or containers. Leaving a center aisle provides navigation space and allows you to access your stuff conveniently.

3. Keep frequently used items at the front

As you’re clearing your storage unit, arrange your stuff based on how frequently you use them. It might be a good time to put your box of antiques at the back if you don’t see any upcoming use for them.

4. Keep your valuables at a Safe Position

Placing your valuable and delicate stuff at the top can save them from being crushed under the unnecessary weight of miscellany. It also saves them from water damage in case of a flooded storage unit.

5. Pick uniformly-sized cartons

Choose uniformly sized cartons so that they can be easily stacked. Boxes of irregular size are hard to stack together and are prone to tripping over.

6.  Get rid of unnecessary stuff

We’re all guilty of storing items we no longer need. Before you know it, your storage unit is flooding with unnecessary stuff that’s taking up all your space. Not only does it take up space, but unnecessary junk becomes breeding grounds for termites and bugs. Reorganize your storage unit by discarding equipment you no longer need.

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