Don’t Let That Old Heavy Furniture Put off Your Redesign Plans

Okay, so you want to redecorate a room in your house.

The problem?

That old heavy furniture which sits in the room.

An ugly sofa. An outdated bedroom set. An entertainment center that’s anything but entertaining.


Who’s going to move all that stuff? Me? No way!

Besides, where am I going to dispose off all of that? I don’t even know a recycling facility that would accept this trash.

Sorry room, maybe some other time!


Don’t let that old heavy furniture put you off from redesigning your room.

Why not hire a professional furniture removal service?

In fact, that’s exactly what you should do!

Convenient and easy removal of furniture

The furniture removal service will take care of the complete furniture removal process. From moving your furniture to loading it to disposing it off – they’ll handle everything for you.

A job done safely

Most importantly, hiring a professional furniture removal service will ensure safe removal of your furniture. Furniture haulers are experts at their jobs, and they know what precautions to take to avoid damages and injuries.

It’s a fast process

Perhaps the best thing about hiring a professional furniture removal service is they can clear your furniture in no time. Even the hardest and most extensive of furniture removal jobs can be completed within a couple of hours.

What’s more?

A professional furniture removal service will make sure your furniture is disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. They won’t just throw away your old furniture in the landfill. They’ll first try to contact charity organizations and local recycling centers to see if your old furniture can be put to reuse or recycled; landfills are the last option for them.

So, are you interested in hiring a furniture removal company?

Here at Junk Call, we service Orange County and its neighboring areas.

We can retrieve sofas, couches, stools, cabinets, cupboards, chairs, dressers, entertainment units, tables, armoires and every other piece of old, heavy furniture that’s stopping you from redesigning your home. And we’ll be more than happy doing so.

Contact us today for a free non-obligation quote.

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