The Downsides of Poor Waste Management

We produce tons of waste every day. Whether it’s old furniture or a commercial waste, effective management of waste is what matters the most!

Poor waste management doesn’t only contribute to pollution, but also imposes health risks. Which is why it’s important to hire professionals to get the job done.

Here are some negative impacts of improper disposal of waste:

1. Soil Contamination

Over 50 tons of household waste is discarded every second on a global scale. This waste excretes toxic chemicals that seep into the land. The household waste consists of materials like plastic, coffee capsules, and cosmetics.

Plastic releases a carcinogen DEHA into the soil when it disintegrates. This carcinogen affects plant growth and animals and humans who feed on these plants. Upon intake, it can lead to liver dysfunction, and weight loss.

It’s important to discard your household waste in an environment-friendly manner. Hiring a professional junk removal company is one way to ensure eco-friendly junk removal process.

2. Water Contamination

Improper management of waste leads to contaminated water, which adversely affects marine life. The hazardous waste absorbed by the land ultimately reaches the groundwater. This water is then used for drinking and irrigation process. Drinking contaminated water leads to several waterborne diseases.

The U.S. contributes an estimate of 242 million pounds/year of plastic debris into the water. This plastic imposes serious threats to marine life and is harmful to people who consume fishes.

3. Breeding grounds for pests

Around 630 landfill facilities were recorded in the western region of the U.S. in 2015. These landfills serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes, bugs, and rats. Mosquitoes are carriers of diseases like dengue and malaria.  Rats are known to carry diseases like salmonellosis and leptospirosis.

4. Reduced Recycling opportunities

Recycling is a major industry of U.S. and contributes high revenue to the country. A recent survey concluded that the recycling industry contributes $36 billion in a year to the country’s economy.

There’s a major proportion of waste that doesn’t undergo the recycling process due to improper waste management. According to statistics, around 200 million tons of trash is produced each year in the U.S. While 75% of this trash can be recycled, only 30% undergoes the process.

Proper recycling of waste contributes to the economy and creates jobs in various fields.

5. Adverse Climatic Changes

The toxic waste in landfills deteriorates to emit toxic gases and Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which trap the heat from escaping out of atmosphere. This is giving rise to global warming, which is currently the biggest global threat. The melting of glaciers has put small islands at the risk of flooding. Adverse climatic changes are causing storms, droughts, and heat.

Climatic changes are adversely affecting the planet. It’s everyone’s responsibility to play their part in minimizing pollution. Managing your waste effectively can contribute a great deal towards minimizing pollution.

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