Tips from Junk Removal Professionals: Removing Your Old Home Appliance

Removing an old home appliance, particularly a large one,can be a labor-intensive and time consuming task. Moreover, if you’re not careful during the process, you can cause damage to your house or an injury to yourself.

To make things worse (and more complicated), you must dispose off your old home appliance in a safe and legal way. You just can’t dump it in a landfill. Neither can you throw it in your backyard. Both can lead to a major fine or even jail time.

At Junk Call, we understand how tricky home appliance removal can be. Therefore, to help you, we’ve compiled a list of few important tips.

Tip #1: Always call in someone for help

Home appliances can be large and heavy. Removing them alone carries injury risks. Having someone else by your side will make the job easier and help prevent unnecessary injuries.

Tip #2: Clear out the path

Before you start removing the appliance, take time to remove any obstructions in your path that may hinder your movement or cause you to trip and fall. Examples of such obstructions include furniture pieces, loose mats, floor clutter and electrical cables.

Tip #3: Use moving equipment

Avoid lifting the appliance. Instead, use a moving equipment such as a dolly or handcart. If you don’t have one, you can always rent it from your local home store. For moving the appliance up or down stairs, use a stair-climbing cart.

Tip #4: Research your disposal options in advance

The disposal laws for e-waste are quite strict in the U.S. There are all types of federal and state penalties for illegal dumping of home appliances. Most waste collection companies and landfills don’t event accept large home appliances. As such, you should research your disposal options in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

Do you have an old appliance at your home that you want to get rid of?

Convenient removal and disposal of old home appliance

If you think DIY home appliance removal is just a bit too much for you, we invite you to contact junk removal professionals at Junk Call. We make home appliance removal easy for homeowners.

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