How to Get Rid of the Junk Left Behind By Moving Tenants

If you have tenants that are about to move out soon, it’s a good idea to plan how you will handle junk removal that will inevitably be left behind. You might be at ease if you’ve worked something out with the tenant. If not, don’t panic! There are several ways that you can take care of the disposal and sale of property.

This post discusses tips to remove junk left behind by moving tenants in an economical and efficient way.

Note: It’s recommended to check state laws regarding abandoned property removal before you carry out the disposal.

Dump All Trash

Remove any trash from your premises if you haven’t already. We define trash as any item or personal property that doesn’t have value and can usually be discarded without state restrictions.

You can deduct the clean-up cost of discarding trash legally from your tenants’ security deposit. This cost can be expensive when added up so be sure to subtract it from the amount paid down by the tenants on the property.

Hold a Public Sale

In some states, property owners are required to get rid of abandoned items via a public sale. This sale can be set up with your local bond agency and you can use the proceeds of the sale to cover the costs of advertising, storing, and selling.

It’s possible to keep a portion of the remaining proceeds, depending on the state regulations. Note that some states don’t have such provisions and require the balance to be paid to the state.

You might not be obligated to pay back the proceeds of the sale or even hold a public sale to get rid of abandoned property items in the first place. In this case, you have the option of simply selling off the items as per your own schedule or keeping them as you please.

Pay Yourself Back

Most state laws allow owners to pay themselves back for unpaid damages from the sale of the abandoned property. This means that if the tenants moved without paying for damages, you can use the proceeds of the sale to pay off this debt.

Hire Pro Junk Removal Services

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