Why Your Office Doesn’t Need Clutter Anymore!

There are two kinds of clutter: the one that’s in your head and one that’s growing slowly but surely on your office desk. If broken, outdated, and/or non-functioning items and appliances are taking over your workplace environment, it’s time for a change.

According to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), clutter in the workplace leads to unproductivity. However, it also suggests that the culprit behind office clutter is often disorganization, rather than lack of space.

Here’s why your office doesn’t need clutter anymore.

Why You Should Say Bye-Bye to Clutter

  • It Leads to Frustration

It gets considerably more difficult to produce great work when your environment is swamped with unnecessary things. Working amid this clutter is not only frustrating, but it also makes you waste time trying to find useful items you need.

  • Loss of Focus

Clutter makes it hard to filter essential information, maintain your train of thought, and move fluidly from task to task.The brain’s work flow gets interrupted, resulting in loss of focus; this decreases the rate at which your brain absorbs information. Additionally, messy desks aren’t doing anyone any favors because of the negative, sloppy impression they send off to your employer and colleagues.

  • Mess Can Cause Stress

Stress is a contributing factor to different kinds of mental health issues. While you may think that workplace mess is innocent enough, it can insidiously lead to problems. When we’re surrounded by clutter, it makes our mind go into overdrive while trying to cope with the excessive stimuli, making it hard to relax and focus on work.

When you’re not able to find something on your desk time and again, it can make you anxious. It’s difficult to consider a day’s work done when you can’t even see over the top of the pile accumulated on your workstation.

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