Foreclosure Cleanouts: What Are Your Options?

It’s a sad truth that many properties in the U.S. are subject to foreclosures for one reason or the other. There are as many as 550,000 houses that are undergoing the foreclosure process at any given moment. This number is quite high and unfortunately, is expected to increase.

There is a huge amount of effort that goes into preparing a property for eventual sale post-foreclosure. The cleanout process can be complicated and is definitely not on any real estate professional’s priority list. That’s why you need experts like Junk Call, who know the ins and outs of the business.

Why You Need A Foreclosure Cleanout

Houses that have been in the market for a while require regular cleaning and maintenance. Previous occupants leave these homes behind in very poor condition, requiring a great deal of work before the foreclosure cleanout process can be completed. There are often numerous abandoned properties and piles of trash which leave the foreclosed house in an almost unsaleable condition.

Intensive preparation is required before a foreclosed property can be ready for an open house. This means that old furniture has to be hauled away and unwanted appliances and items have to be discarded before all the junk and debris can be completely removed.

Sometimes, the entire process has to be completed within a strict time frame and on short notice. With a professional foreclosure cleanout service, you can rest assured that your property will go back to its original state in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective way.

What Are Your Options for a Foreclosure Cleanout?

In some cases selling the foreclosed property in an “as-is” condition is possible. This happens when the property mortgage holder doesn’t need to make any major repairs or when buyers want to purchase the property on short notice and don’t have an issue with the current condition of the property.

If this isn’t possible, it’s best to consider a professional foreclosure clean out service provider before staging it for an open house. To have a successful sales transaction, outsourcing the work to a leading company like Junk Call is a feasible decision because the work is often difficult and requires expert experience.

Try Our Pro Foreclosure Cleanout Services

With a reputable company like Junk Call, you can easily preserve your property throughout the foreclosure process to make a property sale. Our team understands the requirements of real estate agents as well as insurance guidelines and offers excellent services keeping them in mind.

If you’re in or around Newport Beach, CA, call us at 1-714-542-7500 to learn more about our junk removal and junk pickup services.

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