How to Clean Out Your Garage in Easy Steps

Cleaning up the garage isn’t easy. In fact, most people give up on the task after just a few minutes because, let’s face it, no one wants to spend time cleaning the garage when they can ‘Netflix and chill.’

As boring as that task is, however, it’s important if you want to free up space in your garage. Furthermore, keeping the garage clean also reduces the chances of a pest or mold infestations in your home.

At Junk Call, we know how boring and mundane cleanups can be. However, with the following tips you’ll be able to get done with it in no time:

Design a Cleanup Plan

Planning is the key to any successful venture. It gives you guidelines regarding how you should proceed with a specific task.

Start with making a list of all the equipment that is present in your garage. Check their condition. If they’re all in relatively good condition, you can donate them.

Some examples include sports equipment and tools. You can also sell these items in a yard sale if they’re no longer of any use to you.

Establish a ‘Keep’ Criteria

Establish a specific criterion for items in the garage. If they meet that requirement, then you can keep the items with you. For example, you should only retain items that have been in your possession for a year.

If there is any item or equipment that you rarely use, then you might be better off getting rid of it.

Remove All Items

Choose a part of the garage and remove all items from there and start sorting them out. Not only will it make the task a lot easier, it will also help you determine what you can do with the space that’s available.

Have cardboard boxes and containers present with you and start sorting out the items accordingly. You’ll also need a garbage bag if you’ve decided to hire a dumpster for garbage disposal.

Clean the Garage

Your garage has probably been home to rusty and old equipment for a long time now and could use some cleaning. Use soapy water to clean out the walls. You can also use blowers to remove the dust quickly.

Get In Touch With Junk Removal Services

The chances are that there’s a lot of equipment that you need to get rid of from your garage. In order to do so, you’re going to need some assistance. We can help. We offer trash removal services in Orange County.

We offer our services to both residential as well as commercial clients. You can contact us at  1-714-542-7500 for details.

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