Old Air Conditioner, Disposal, and Getting Help

Air conditioners are some of the most used household appliances, especially if you live in relatively hotter region.

While most AC units have a life expectancy of up to 15 years, factors such as wear and tear, power surges, and faulty units increase the risk of replacement.

If you have an old air conditioner that you need to get rid of, keep reading to find out how you can dispose of it properly.

Disposing of Air Conditioner

AC Refrigerants

Your AC unit consists of a refrigerant that allows cool air to be supplied through the vents. These chillers and dehumidifiers need to be properly disposed to minimize the risk of spreading ozone-depleting substances (ODS) and other chemical gasses such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs).

Lawful Requirements

According to federal law, household air conditioners cannot be thrown in the trash or disposed of through garbage trucks.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lays down the terms and conditions for proper disposal of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Proper gear and tools are required to break the AC unit apart and sort through the different metal, aluminum, electrical, and chiller parts for recycling purposes.

The regulations specify that a professional junk removal service needs to be contacted so that they can follow the rules regarding AC disposals.


If your old AC unit is in working condition, you might want to consider donating it to a charity and help someone in need.

However, if the AC unit has expired beyond use, call a junk removal service and they’ll dispose of it properly at a recycling center.

Metal, aluminum, and plastic AC parts are recyclable and must be disposed at a junkyard to compress and repurpose the materials.

It needs to be kept away from landfill sites where metal, plastic, and waste material will be buried and lead to groundwater contamination.

Benefits of Proper Air Conditioner Recycling & Disposal

While there are laws that dictate how to properly dispose and recycle air conditioners, the benefits of recycling household appliances cannot be ignored.

From reusing scrap metal and aluminum sheets to recycling refrigerants, the environmentally-friendly method protects the ozone layer from potential gas and chemical leaks.

Getting Help–Reliable Junk Removal Services in Orange County

Don’t attempt to dispose of your old AC units by yourself. Call a professional junk removal service in Orange County for easy and safe disposal of air conditioning equipment.

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