Garage Cleanup: Things to Get Rid Of Now

Running out of space in your home? Well maybe it’s time that you start cleaning up your garage. But believe us, we know the task is a lot harder than it sounds.

For starters, cleaning a garage isn’t really that high up on people’s cleaning list as it is. Your garage is full of so many things that have been cluttering space for all these years.

Naturally people feel confused regarding where they should start. Those people might find the following information useful.

Sports Equipment

There are people who prefer to treat their garage as a gym. However, let’s face it, the motivation to work out only lasts for a couple of days (or months) after which the equipment is just lying around, gathering dust.

Some examples of the equipment include weightlifting benches, exercise bikes and treadmills. If you’re no longer using any of these items, you’ll probably be better off getting rid of them. Consider donating the items if you’re no longer using them.

Broken Tools

Do a quick check up and inspect the condition of the tools in your garage. Get rid of rusty shovels and cracked garden hoses. Also replace the old tools with new ones so you have a good set of tools ready for use when you really need them.

Children Toys

Kids have short attention spans and get tired of old toys which are then stored in the garage. Your kids probably wouldn’t need them again so you would be better off donating these toys.

If the toys are broken and in a bad condition, getting rid of them is the only viable option that you have.

Old Paints

Are there half empty paint cans and containers present in the garage? Not only are these flammable, they’re also toxic. Temperature changes can alter the consistency of these items which is why you should get rid of these items if they haven’t been used for some time.

Worn Out Tires

People also store old and worn out tires in their garage. What they don’t know is that these are recyclable and can be used for manufacturing rubber mulch, steel and carpeting. If your tires have exceeded their shelf life and have degraded, you should dispose them off.

Old Appliances

People also keep old appliances in their garage. Usually these appliances are beyond repair or no longer function properly. In case of latter, you can donate the appliances. If the device is no longer functioning, it’s taking up space in the garage and should be disposed.

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