When It’s Time for Downsizing: Dealing with the Junk [Tips]

Downsizing is a recent trend where people have become conscious of their carbon footprints and consumption patterns affecting Mother Nature and the environment.

Downsizing simply means decluttering your life, getting rid of unwanted and excess belongings, and adopting a minimalistic lifestyle!

Downsizing: House and All

Some people prefer to start downsizing in the literal sense by living in a custom-built house which is under 500-square feet.

This lifestyle was popularized by the Tiny House Movement, which is an architectural and social movement started by advocates of small homes.

The movement doesn’t encourage people to give up their houses and move into a trailer cabin on wheels!

Instead, it encourages people to make a conscious decision to reduce waste and decrease their need to purchase, collect, and accumulate junk.

If you’re looking for less stressful ways to downsize and get rid of junk, here are some tips that might be helpful.

Tips to Help You Get Rid Of Junk

One Room at a Time

Before diving headfirst into downsizing, take a step back and analyze your house. Pace yourself by going through the junk slowly; starting with one room at a time.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by emptying cabinets and cupboards all at once and making your house look like a hoarding nightmare!

Sort your clothes, appliances, and memorabilia and get rid of things you haven’t used in more than a year.

Banish the “Maybe” Pile

When sorting things in piles of ‘keep,’ ‘sell,’ ‘donate,’ and ‘junk,’ make sure you hold steadfast in your mission to get rid of unwanted and unneeded things.

Skip over the ‘maybe’ pile to ensure your commitment to downsizing. Not being sure about getting rid of something will only make you feel more attached to it.

Even if you don’t have space to keep it in your house, don’t go locking it up in a storage unit! It will only add to your expenses and will not provide any real value to your life.

Focus on Your Most-Used Items (And Let the Rest Go)

If you’ve lived in a house for more than 5 years, you’re bound to have collected some valuables and some junk as well.

From old stuffed toys and broken fans to used books and antique decorations, get rid of the junk that’s just sitting in a corner and collecting dust.

Focus on the most used items in your house and get rid of the rest!

Donate or Sell Unwanted Stuff

All the unwanted junk at your place may be useless to you, but it could come handy to others! If you have old clothes in mint condition, unused kitchen appliances that work, or old books you need to part with, donate them to charity houses or sell them in a garage sale!

Consider Bringing In the Pros

When all the unneeded valuables have been sold and other items donated, you’ll be left with some clutter and trash that is of no use.

If you decide that downsizing and getting rid of the junk is right for you, call a professional junk removal service in Orange County.

When it comes to appliance removal, garage clean up, sofa removal or storage unit clean up, we provide affordable residential and commercial junk removal services in Orange County!

Contact us to schedule your junk pickup or email at bill@junkcall.com for easy and cost-effective trash removal services!

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