Options for Cleaning Up a Demolition Site

Construction projects are generally messy. You are likely to find garbage, debris and all other building waste on these sites.

Research has shown that new construction projects leave behind as much as 4 pounds of waste per square foot of the building area.

Cleaning up the site once the project is over can thus become quite a challenge. Adding to that is the fact that most contractors don’t think of garbage disposal as a high-priority task.

Let’s take a look at some of the options that you have for cleaning up a demolition site:

Asking Your Local Handyman That Owns a Truck

If you know of a local handyman who owns a large truck, you can ask them to visit the site and help you dispose of the junk. And while this might save you money; there’s a catch.

The person you hire might not have prior experience in junk removal. The slightest mistake on their part can increase your overall costs.

Furthermore, you can never be sure of how much time it’ll take them to remove the junk from the construction site. In addition to that, there’s also the risk of safety, since your local handyman will most likely not be trained properly, or have the special equipment required for the job.

Removing Junk on Your Own

Contractors may assign the task of cleaning up the site to their crew. However, the problem with that is that demolition sites often have concrete slabs and broken glass scattered around, increasing chances of injury.

Worker injuries can land you in trouble if you’re not secured by a tight insurance policy.

Hiring a Company That Offers Junk Removal Services

Many contractors consider junk removal to be a part of the job, but it doesn’t always have to be. Just think of all the hours that the crew spends on cleaning up the construction site.

This is why you should consider outsourcing junk removal. Junk Call has a team of professionals who can safely clean up your demolition site. They also know how to dispose of junk safely and legally.

We don’t just dispose of items. We sort through them and see if they can be recycled for future use.

Get in touch with us now. We offer a wide range of services. Contact us now at 1-714-542-7500 for more information.

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