Telltale Signs You May Be a Hoarder

Not so long ago, hoarders were just seen as lazy and undisciplined people that refused to get their life together. Today, however, hoarding is considered an obsessive-compulsive disorder by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and has a spectrum ranging from mild to severe. Simply put, hoarding is the continuous acquisition and inability to get rid of a large number of possessions that are of limited or no value.

Mild hoarders would have clutter that wouldn’t seem normal and may be considered very messy. Severe hoarders, on the other hand, can have garbage reaching up to the ceiling with little or no space to maneuver. In this blog, we highlight some telltale signs of hoarders.

Collection things without Any Clear Purpose

A distinction must be made between hoarders and collectors. Collectors take pride in their possessions and keep them on display while keeping them in good condition. Hoarders tend to collect a wide variety of things without any clear reasoning other than stating they might need it someday. They also feel embarrassed about their habit and dread that other people may find out.

Collecting useless things is a telltale sign of hoarding and can often affect the lives of people nearby.

Having a Hard Time Getting Rid of Things

Despite the embarrassment of collecting useless objects, hoarders will outright refuse to separate with any of their possessions. They believe the objects have sentimental value, are irreplaceable, or will eventually prove useful in the future. Any attempts made to get rid of their things will be met with resistance, anger, annoyance, and a possible breakdown in relationships.

Placing Thing Haphazardly Around the House

As the majority of hoarders feel embarrassed at the possibility of revealing their possessions, they will dedicate time and effort to store it in spare bedrooms, empty bathrooms, and other unused homes throughout the house. In severe cases, these collections will start to spread out and fill the walkways and living rooms.

It’s important to keep an eye out on these habits. What begins as a usual collection of faulty gadgets may develop into an e-waste dumpsite without help and intervention.

Encountering Financial Difficulties

Though not a sure-shot indicator by any means, many cases involving hoarders later revealed them to be in considerable debt. This is because prolonged hoarding can lead to compulsive buying and even though the things they purchase are relatively inexpensive, attempting to obtain specific items would usually prompt them to spend a fortune.

Although hoarding in most cases is a harmless habit, it can lead to deteriorating health and mental stability. Getting rid of clutter is the best way of countering such a problem both for you or a loved one. Junk Call is a junk removal company in Orange Country that offers pick up junk removal services. With a simple phone call, they can completely remove all the junk and clutter lying inside or around residential and commercial properties. Contact us today for more information.

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