The Negative Effects of Having Too Much Junk at Home

As the stimuli in our environment increases, the ability to concentrate is fairly limited because of higher competition for neural representation, research shows. In layman’s terms, this means that the unwanted junk in your home and bedroom is responsible for increasing your stress levels and narrowing your focus as well as productivity.

As a junk removal and cleanup company, our goal is to help the residents of California and Orange County to get rid of their junk in an efficient and reliable way while also increasing the awareness of negative impacts of hoarding.

Life Satisfaction

Whether it’s the office or home, a compromised surrounding can deeply impact a person’s perception of wellbeing. Environmental psychologists believe that the design of a physical space can influence the level of satisfaction humans feel within.

Studies and surveys have also shown a direct link between clutter and procrastination. A cluttered home is essentially a stressful home and that doesn’t do well for quality of life.

Mental Health

Any junk in the surrounding can bring feelings of guilt and embarrassment. A person’s perception of self-worth and ability to be organized take a hit, resulting in stress leading to depression. Researchers believe that the emotional and psychological health of person is linked to their ability to deal with external stimuli.

Toys, work files, clothing or any other useless junk lying around leads to the feelings of being unaccomplished and stressed.

Waste of Time and Space

How many hours have we all spent thinking about moving out the worn out sofa but didn’t follow through? Leaving dresses on the chair, broken pots in the cabinet, useless documents in the office drawer and hundred other small things like this not only waste our time by taking away our focus from important work but also take up space that can be put to better use.

Realistically speaking, it’s not possible to keep a home tidy and spotless at all times but that doesn’t mean you need to wait months before deciding to do a thorough clean-up. A useful rule of thumb is to rid yourself of books, toys, shoes, accessories that look useful but you haven’t used in at least a year.

If it makes you happy and adds value to your life, keep it; otherwise get rid of it. The best part is getting rid of clutter and junk doesn’t mean throwing it all away. You can always put the valuables and antiques up for sale and make quick money out of it. Everybody wins.

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