Why You Should Care About Where Your Junk Ends Up

Unites States alone generated 262.4 million tons of waste in 2015 and its getting worse with time. As the media and advertisement industry grows in size and effectiveness, consumerism is also on the rise, leading to greater waste generation.

Owing to the magnitude of waste produced, improper handling can lead to much greater environmental damage. If we don’t know where our junk ends up, we wouldn’t be aware of its drastic repercussions on the economy, environment and our community.

We Are Oblivious to Our Part in Waste Generation

Often times, we don’t even consider the production process and the resources products exhaust during manufacture. The water footprint of plastic itself is too high. We don’t even need to consider its non-biodegradability to decide that it’s bad for us. The transportation process also gets very taxing; causing a lot of pollution.

Moving on to disposal

Only 34.6% of the total waste is recycled. The rest either gets incinerated or dumped into landfill sites.  The waste you dump on these sites takes around 1000 years to disintegrate. It also leads to the formation of harmful mixtures which leach into the surrounding water and soil; causing pollution. This greatly affects wildlife and plants.

Depositing e-waste is even worse because it can lead to the production of hazardous waste. Additionally, we need to consider the fact that all the possible landfill areas in the States will get filled up within eighteen years. That would leave us with no option but to incinerate unless we started exploring better options for recycling.

Burning your waste has its own drawbacks. During this process, you release mercury, lead and other destructive metals and gases into the environment. This needs to be avoided if we want to keep the world as we know it.

Recycling is Also a Great Way to Conserve Energy and Help the Economy: Here’s how!

The amount of oil that goes into water bottle production each year could be used as car fuel instead. You also save up on energy by using recycled products because remaking something requires much less energy when compared to making something new. This would really help leave energy for other, better purposes.

Consider This A Social Cause!

This eco-friendly removal of waste is part of the sustainability development goals. Appropriate waste disposal through charity would make you feel much better than dumping it somewhere. And the number of lives you’ll touch through that would just be a bonus.


In this day and age, the only thing that can reduce our carbon footprint on the world would be recycling. You need to broaden your range of recycled products! If you are located in Orange County get in touch with us to hire our junk pickup services and do you part to restore the natural order!

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