Items In Your Home You Should Be Recycling

Ever wondered what happens to that trash you take out every day?

We are so consumed by our lives that we don’t really consider the environmental footprint we leave behind and how we make things better. Many awareness campaigns have been conducted to introduce recycling into our everyday lives and yet, the numbers have only increased from 28.5% in 2000 to 34.3% in 2013. There’s still a lot of potential for recycling products which we have yet to explore. This blog will focus on helping you up your recycling game within your home.

Items you should recycle!


You can easily recycle cardboard boxes at your place. These may include pizza, cereal or cracker boxes or even the boxes in which your shipment comes in. If you think about the number of people ordering online and average cereal, crackers and pizza consumption, you will grasp the magnitude of waste that could be avoided by recycling them.

Books, Journals and Magazines

The kind of waste generated by throwing out millions of books, newspapers and magazines is staggering and this can be easily avoided by either donating it to the public library or recycling them.


Instead of throwing out old batteries, you can send them out to auto service shops for recycling purposes. Even the rechargeable options can be recycled and should be sent to specialized firms for this.

Bulbs and TVs

Due to the presence of mercury in certain bulbs, dropping them off into your trashcan might not be a good option. Same is the case with old televisions. The chemicals present in them could have an adverse impact on the environment. So, your best bet would be to send them to a recycling center to prevent the hazardous substances from damaging the environment.

VHS Tapes

When was the last time you watched a movie on a VHS player? You probably don’t even remember. However, that does not mean that you should throw the tapes away. You can get them recycled at an e-waste station of your choice.

Cell Phones

96% of Americans own a cell phone. These phones are made of synthetic products which would take over a thousand years to decompose. With that level of usage, it would fill up a lot of space in the landfill sites and be very counterproductive. Recycling them would really help the environment.

Ink Cartridges

The chemicals inside an ink cartridge can be very hazardous if dumped into a landfill site. An ideal way to prevent them from causing damage is by getting them recycled.

These are just a few of the many products that can be recycled. Other include expired medicines, plugs, cables, keys, CDs, DVDs, spectacles, razors, shoes, carpets, soda cans, mattresses, fans, toothbrushes and tubes, etc. Have them sent to a recycling station through our junk pickup service in Orange County and play your part in protecting the world for the future!

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