The Journey of Your Junk

When it comes to throwing away trash, most people have no idea what happens to it after they do—especially with regard to recycled products. The process of recycling your waste involves collecting and processing materials that are thrown away as junk and making them into something completely new and ready for use again. But what exactly is this process?  Let’s walk you through it step-by-step:

Step 1: Procurement

There are multiple ways to collect and process waste so it can be recycled, and most of them start with you; for example, when you hand it over to a local recycling facility or community recycling program. Other ways include donation offices or refund programs.

Once your waste has made its way to a facility, it’s separated into categories like paper, glass, plastic, etc. Paper products alone make up more than 25% of all municipal solid waste, so if you have a lot of extra unused paper products lying around, send them over to recycling facilities so they can be put to better use.

Step 2: Manufacturing

Once the items have been separated, the real recycling work begins. This can be as simple as thoroughly cleaning and re-using items like glass bottles that have managed to maintain their structural integrity. They can also be completely melted and re-cast into an entirely new and different glass product.

Items such as plastic can also be repurposed through chemical processes such as degradation. The manufacturing process does not always to comprise just recycled materials; sometimes, materials are broken down and added to different materials to create a hybrid material which contains a certain percentage of recycled items and raw materials.

Step 3: Back in Stores

The final step of the recycling process is to make use of the recycled items. The junk has now transformed into something completely new and can no longer be considered trash. Buying these recycled items is extremely beneficial for society as it reduces the amount of junk that is sent to landfills or burned.

When shopping, you may notice a lot of items you buy have the iconic recycling symbol, which shows that the item you consider good enough to spend money on was nothing more than junk once upon a time.


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