Taking Care of Your Outdoor Spa: Is It Time to Remove It?

Are you planning to remodel your outdoor spa? If you are, there’s a high chance that you’ll have to get rid of the hot tub. But putting it on the curb for a garbage collector to pick up is hardly a practical option. We suggest you hire a professional junk removal service to remove it for you quickly.

But this blog isn’t about that; today, we’re here to help you maintain your existing outdoor spa, so you don’t need to replace it sooner than you should have to. Here’s everything you need to know about outdoor spa maintenance:

2 Tips to Extend Your Spa’s Life:

Tip #1: Clean Regularly

If you want to increase the longevity of your spa, the first thing you need to do is clean it regularly. The recommended frequency would be twice a week. Use a mild soap solution and scrub it on to the cover with a large sponge. Clean the spa cover one section at a time so you don’t miss any part, and make sure to rinse each side before the soap dries up. While it’s okay to use soap on the cover, it’s recommended that you clean the interior with just water.

Tip #2: Let It Breathe

Many people make the mistake of covering the spa (or tub) soon after cleaning it; don’t do that. After you’re done cleaning, leave the cover open and let the spa breathe. Otherwise, the vapors from the water purification agents will get trapped inside, causing damage to the vinyl. These cleaning agents require air to mix properly, so it’s always better to allow some time so the fumes get out.

Does your Spa Need replacement?

Spas and hot tubs are designed to last a long time, but let’s establish one thing—any object that’s exposed to the sun’s UV rays and inclement weather will eventually reach its expiration date. And once your spa starts to show signs of wear and tear, it’s time to remove or replace it.

Some obvious signs of replacement are visible cracks, breaks, sagging, or fading on the spa or tub. This damage will let water and heat out, causing the spa’s shape to warp. Another symptom would be if the cover becomes waterlogged, which provides the ideal breeding environment for bacteria to grow in. Besides, this is also a health hazard and it would accelerate the deterioration process as well.

If your spa is no longer performing as well as it once did, if it no longer holds heat or water, or is accumulating a lot of dust and dirt that can cause the filters to clog, then it’s time for a new spa.  Junk Call is a reliable spa removal and hauling service in Orange County that can help you safely remove the tip. Schedule an appointment today!


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