Junk Removal, Organization Woes and Solutions for Your Storage Unit

When you own a storage unit—residential or commercial—you own a few sets of problems as well. You may have initially started with a proper storage plan but it’s only natural that over time you accumulated more items and now you find yourself standing in front of a room where nothing makes sense.

Keeping the organization of storage unit is challenging—no doubt—but some tricks are more effective than the others—which when applied, can save you from unnecessary buildup.

So let’s get started.

Dump the Junk

From old furniture to the tiniest baby toys, chances are that your storage unit houses more than one type and size of items. To remove the clutter, start by assessing each item’s utility.

How many times did you use the item in the past six months? Will it be of any use in the future? If the answers are ‘less than five times’ and ‘not really’, it’s time to add the items in the junk pile. Remember that some items serve seasonal purposes so if you have a heater lying around in there somewhere and it hasn’t been used once in the past months, you shouldn’t be throwing it away.

When separating junk from useable items, keep an eye out for the relatively newer stuff that isn’t in use anymore and is only taking up the space. Instead of putting it in junk, sell it off to make quick cash.

Make a Plan

Now that your storage only has essential items left, take a look at the space to figure out an organization plan. Some important questions that you should be asking yourself are:

  • Do I need shelves to organize boxes?
  • How many drawersdo I needto safe keep small items like shoes and accessories?
  • Should I put in a few cabinets for silverware and delicate items?

You’ll definitely need shelves on one wall but racks, drawers and partitions are dependent on the kind of items you’re storing. The key element of effective storage organization is visibility and identification markers. Use labels wherever necessary and don’t stack items above one another if you plan on using them regularly—to avoid cluttering.

Clean Up After

Once you’ve organized everything, pick up the phone and call us at 1-714-542-7500 so we can come and pick up all the discarded items. After all, you can’t just throw them away in the backyard or put them on the side of the road hoping they’ll just disappear.

Depending on the size of junk, we’ll provide you a price estimation and our team will be at your storage unit to haul away the junk within no time.

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