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Orange County

Getting rid of your old furniture can be quite a challenge but it does not have to be! More often than not, many of us promise ourselves that we’d donate the furniture and items that are no longer in our use, but we never get around to that. Instead what we face is a huge clutter in our basement and garage, waiting to be taken care of and hauled away!

Junk Call is a furniture hauling services that operates in the Orange County area and can help you efficiently remove all the furniture you no longer want or need! Take control of your own home and free up some space and have that extra furniture hauled away with the help of professionals.

Our furniture removal and hauling service can help you haul away bulky furniture and items, furniture disposal and refrigerator removal without a hiccup! Our professionals are trained to not just haul away the furniture you don’t need but also provide a complete clean-up and organizing of the space before leaving!

Call us now for a free estimate for our full-range of services in the Orange County area!